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'Quick & Easy; Cost Saving; Hazard Free'

Cold and Hot Water

PPSU QE Fittings and CW617 Brass QE Fittings Comply European Water Regulation

Radiator and Floor Heating

DYCO QE Fittings have been tested in 6 Bar and 10 Bar underfloor and radiator heating system

Air Conditioning and Cooling

DYCO PPSU QE Fittings are perfect solution for suspended ceiling cooling & air conditioning system

Solar and Energy

Flexible diameters and adapters for Solar water distribute system


Our core features

Original Design Manufacture

DYCO committed to offering customers the right Uponor QE Fittings for their installations with timely deliveries at competitive price.

  • Original Technique and Drawings.
  • Keep Research and Development.
  • OEM for European Brand Manufacture.
  • Patent and Utility Model Design.

Production Processing Management

We are keeping costs low but never comes at the expense of quality and that’s why DYCO (Uponor) QE fittings stand out in the market.

  • Original PPSU and qualified CW617N Brass.
  • Keep Investment on Mould and Facilities.
  • Staff Quality Awareness and Strict QC.
  • Value System Performance Test.

Quality Performance Control

DYCO QE Fittings are completely PASSED the test according to the EN ISO 15875-5 Plastic Piping system for hot and cold water installations - Crosslinked Polyethene (PE-X)

  • Internal pressure test comply ISO 15875-5.
  • Press cycling test comply ISO 12295.
  • Pull-out and Bending test comply 15875-5.
  • Leaktightness under vacuum comply 12295.

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